Why Homemakers Need a Term Insurance Plan

Every day, a homemaker devotes her heart and soul to take care of her family. A homemaker’s efforts often go unnoticed, but we cannot deny the fact that she is essential to Indian households. While term insurance planstypically provide financial compensation in case of the death of the primary earner, the untimely loss of a homemaker leaves an irreplaceable hole in the family.

As a result, it becomes imperative to recognise the achievements of these remarkable women in the face of life’s uncertainties. A 50 lakh term insurance, or any other term plan with sufficient coverage for housewives can address the financial crisis that may arise from the death of a homemaker.

Make sure you compare insurance plans before selecting one. For this, you can use a premium calculator for term plans to find the right life insurance amount at a suitable premium.

Here are some reasons why a homemaker also needs a term insurance policy.

Need of Term Insurance Plan for Homemakers

The following are some reasons why a term insurance plan is required for homemakers.

Affordable Premiums

The cost of term life insurance is relatively low. With a super affordable premium, homemakers can provide considerable financial protection for their families.

Investing money in a term insurance plan may seem unnecessary for homemakers who do not earn their income, but it is a budget-friendly option for securing their family’s finances.

Replacing Unpaid Services

Homemakers perform unrecognised and unpaid tasks, such as taking care of children, cooking, cleaning, and providing emotional support to their families.

The family may have to hire help or arrange alternative arrangements if a homemaker is absent. The family may be able to cover these additional expenses using a term life insurance policy.

Coverage for Critical Illnesses

Cancer, heart disease, or stroke are all critical illnesses that do not discriminate against gender. In addition to life insurance coverage, many term insurance policies come with riders that provide additional benefits.

These riders can cover the medical costs associated with an essential illness diagnosis. Critical illness insurance, lifelong disability insurance, and accidental death insurance are all possible add-ons.

Children’s Education

Homemakers work tirelessly to ensure that their children receive the best possible education and can achieve their dreams. It is impossible to replace their efforts when helping with homework, arranging for tuition, and dealing with teachers.

When their mother passes away, the proceeds of a term life insurance policy can fund their children’s education.

Joint Life Cover

In a joint life insurance policy, both husband and wife own the policy equally. When either spouse passes away, the other spouse’s life insurance benefits are paid to the surviving spouse.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the family’s financial security is also guaranteed by this arrangement.

Investment and Savings

Women can use insurance to save and invest by choosing from various options like money-back, endowment, or unit-linked insurance plans (ULIP). Homemakers can save money by following these term insurance plans based on their financial needs and demands.


The importance of term insurance for housewives cannot be overstated. By investing in your wife’s life insurance, you are providing financial security for the future. The rise of women’s health conditions makes it even more important to have a term plan.

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