Tips for Playing Aviator Pin Up

The bettors at Pin Up have played the Aviator game available on the platform, which has provided them with several opportunities to secure huge winnings. However, there are various players who are still not able to secure profits while playing this game, as they are not aware of the tips and strategies that could be used in this game. Since Pin Up Aviator is a casino game, it is necessary for the bettors to maintain some tips and strategies, which could help them secure profits while playing a few rounds of the game. Users can make deposits on this platform via methods like VISA, MasterCard, Google Pay, PhonePe, UPI, and many others. The new players are also given a Welcome bonus of 100% up to 450,000 INR on their first deposit.

Aviator Game TipsĀ 

Although the Aviator game consists of short rounds, it is still not easy for the bettors to secure wins in each and every one of them. Therefore, it is necessary for them to make use of some tips and strategies that could help them to secure profits while playing a few rounds on the Aviator game on the Pin Up platform. These tips won’t guarantee wins to the users in every round, but they will help them play the game with less risk of being lost.

Manage Your FundsĀ 

While playing the Aviator game, the users must manage the funds they have deposited into the betting account accordingly. Therefore, it is recommended that the users start placing their bets with low amounts for a few rounds through which they would be able to generate some profits in the initial stages of the game. But when they encounter a loss in any of the Aviator rounds, they could increase their bet amount a little bit, which could help them to regain their profits easily. As the profit has been regained, players must again shift to placing bets with low amounts.

Betting on Low Multipliers

The Aviator game is completely based on multipliers, and the players get greedy for cashing out their bets at higher multipliers. This is the main reason why they encounter losses in several rounds. Therefore, players should cash out on low multipliers, which will help them to secure small winnings in almost every round of the game.

Place Two Bets

The bettors at Pin Up Casino have the opportunity to place two bets in one round of the Aviator game. They can choose to place two bets on the same round with the same amount and cash out one of them on the low multipliers. This would help them recover the amount of their second bet if they encounter a loss on the same. Otherwise, the bettors could wait for the multiplier to increase for the next few seconds before they could cash out their second bet.

Understanding the RTP

Depending on the Aviator game chosen by the bettors on this platform, they must understand the RTP of the game provided by the developers. Once the players have noted the RTP of the Aviator game, they would be able to know about the cash-out limits and multipliers, which could help them to be in profits.

Analysing the Previous Rounds

With the help of the Pin Up platform, users can also analyse the previous Aviator rounds to know about the multipliers at which the plane crashed. This would help them to make strategic decisions regarding their bets on the Aviator game.

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