Making Utility Payments Hassle-Free: Airtel Bill Payment App vs. Traditional Methods

Do you remember when you used to stand in long queues to pay your bills? Earlier, we used to plan our day to complete these little tasks, but now it is available with a single click on our smartphones, making our lives easy and comfortable. You can now make these utility payments using the Airtel bill payment app.

These apps have changed how we use cash and make payments and have revolutionized the whole payment ecosystem, thus transitioning to a more digitized space with no or less cash utility.

What is a utility bill payment? 

Utilities are all the household activities carried out in our day-to-day lives, like water supply, electricity, television cable, etc. A utility bill, therefore, is a monthly statement of these household activities that you owe that make the home operable and comfortable. 

You can now make all these utility bills, including your Airtel bill payment, via an online mobile app, making it convenient, easy and reliable, saving you from the bustle of making a trip to these respective institutions in person.

What are the differences between online payment apps and traditional methods of payment?

  • Security

The payments done through the online payment method are safe as the application has a security feature of adding a PIN for access and another unique PIN to make transfers unlike the cash payments which are prone to theft, loss or can be misplaced if not careful. 

  • Convenience 

You can make transfers quickly and conveniently without the traditional hassle of needing physical currency or checks. All you need is a stable internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing everyone to access online payment platforms and initiate transactions in seconds.

  • Rewards and cashback

When you pay via cash, there are options for getting a reward or a cashback, but if you choose to pay your payments, for instance, Airtel Mobile Bill Payment online, you are likely to get a cashback or a reward that makes it more attractive to users.

  • Transparent 

There is an immediate generation of the billing receipt as soon as you make the payment with your transaction IDs, unlike traditional cash payments, which have no records and are prone to human error. In the digital sphere, all your payments can be tracked by going to the “transaction history”, making the application transparent and reliable.

  • Multiple options

UPI can now be used with different payment options, as you can link your debit card, bank account and even your credit card to make your payments conveniently, unlike cash payments, which have no option but to pay in cash!

How to make your Airtel bill payment online?

I missed my Airtel bill payment twice, after which my sister suggested that I use the Bajaj Finserv app, which reminds you to pay your bill on time and with just a few easy steps, you can pay the bill in no time, saving you from penalty charges.

Follow the steps to pay your due bill:

  1. Get the Bajaj Finserv app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it on your device.
  2. Open the app, then login or register.
  3. Go to ‘Bills and Recharges’ and select ‘Mobile Postpaid.’
  4. Put your Airtel postpaid number and click on ‘Fetch your bill.’
  5. After entering the bill amount, click on ‘Proceed.’
  6. Choose a payment method from the available payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, and net banking.
  7. After selecting your preferred payment mode, enter the requested payment details.
  8. Ensure the details you entered are correct, and tap ‘Pay Now.’
  9. You will get notified from Bajaj Finserv after the payment is completed.

You, too, can make postpaid bill payments online through the Airtel bill payment app through Bajaj Finserv by following the steps mentioned above.


Cash is slowly becoming obsolete with the growing use of online payment methods for transactions, and its use will only decrease over time, given our digital space. We should embrace and explore online apps before the complete transition takes place.

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