BetKing Old Mobile Nigeria Review: Navigating the Classics

Brief overview of BetKing

BetKing is renowned as one of Nigeria’s premier bookmakers, setting the bar high in the online sports betting industry. Established to meet the growing demand for a reliable and trustworthy betting platform, BetKing has quickly ascended to a position of prominence among Nigerian bettors. At the heart of its digital outreach is the BetKing old mobile app – a version that, despite the rapid advancements in technology, has maintained a steadfast popularity among its users.

This app was specifically designed to cater to users with less powerful mobile devices or those in areas with limited internet connectivity, ensuring that everyone has access to BetKing’s extensive betting options. In this section, we’ll explore the origins of BetKing as a bookmaker, and introduce the old mobile app, shedding light on its designed purpose and enduring appeal.

The Evolution of BetKing’s Mobile Experience

The evolution of BetKing’s mobile experience epitomizes the technological strides in the online betting industry, reflecting a broader shift toward mobile-first solutions. Initially, BetKing launched its betting services with a focus on accessibility and convenience, understanding the crucial role mobile devices play in the daily lives of its users.

Over time, as technology advanced and user expectations grew, BetKing responded by developing a newer, more sophisticated version of its mobile platform. This newer version boasted enhanced features, improved user interface, and faster performance to meet contemporary demands.

However, despite these advancements, a significant number of users have expressed a preference for the old mobile app. This preference can be attributed to several reasons. Firstly, the old version’s simpler layout and navigation make it more accessible to users with lower-end devices or limited technical proficiency. Secondly, its stripped-down nature consumes fewer data – a critical consideration in regions where internet connectivity is expensive or inconsistent.

Additionally, long-term users have developed a familiarity and comfort with the old app’s interface, making them reluctant to migrate to the updated version. The old mobile app, thus, continues to serve a significant segment of BetKing’s audience, effectively bridging the gap between technological advancement and user inclusivity.

User Interface (UI) and Design

The user interface (UI) and design of BetKing’s old mobile app stand out for their simplicity and straightforwardness, a stark contrast to the more modern aesthetic of the newer version. The old app features a basic, no-frills layout that prioritizes functionality over flair. Its design elements are minimalistic, with a clear focus on ease of navigation and accessibility.

This simplicity ensures that users with even the most basic smartphones can access and interact with the app without any performance issues. The color scheme is conservative, employing a palette that reduces glare and strain on the eyes, an important consideration for users who spend long periods on the app.

Comparatively, the new version of BetKing’s mobile app boasts a sophisticated UI with a sleek and modern design. It incorporates advanced graphical elements, a wider color spectrum, and dynamic animations that enhance visual appeal and user engagement. The layout is intuitively structured, offering a more refined navigation experience that caters to tech-savvy users looking for efficiency and speed.

Despite these enhancements, the complexity of the new version can be daunting for users accustomed to the old app’s simpler interface. This comparison highlights BetKing’s effort to cater to a broad audience spectrum by offering two distinct app experiences designed to meet different user preferences and requirements.

Registration and Login

Registering and logging into the BetKing old mobile app is designed to be an uncomplicated process, reflecting the platform’s emphasis on user accessibility. For individuals new to BetKing, the registration process involves a few straightforward steps. First, users need to visit the BetKing website using their mobile device and select the “Register” option on the homepage. They are then required to fill in basic personal information, including their full name, email address, mobile number, and a preferred username and password. It’s important to note that, as per Nigeria’s betting regulations, users must be 18 years or older to register, and may need to provide a form of ID to verify their age.

For Nigerian users, specific requirements include providing a Bank Verification Number (BVN) to ensure secure and verified transactions, aligning with the country’s financial security guidelines. After completing the registration form and accepting the terms and conditions, users can submit their application. An email or SMS verification is typically sent to confirm the account, completing the registration process.

To log in, users simply return to the BetKing old mobile app home page, where they’ll find the login section. Here, they enter their username and password created during registration. If the credentials are correct, they gain full access to their account and can start exploring the vast range of betting options available on the platform. For added security, BetKing may occasionally require users to re-verify their login details, especially when accessing the account from a new device or location. This straightforward registration and login process ensures that users can quickly and safely begin their betting experience on BetKing’s old mobile app.

Betting Options Available

BetKing’s old mobile app provides a wide array of sports betting options, markets, and other gaming services, catering to the diversified interests of its users. Among the sports offered, football stands out as the most popular, with extensive coverage of major leagues, such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and many others. Additionally, the app includes betting opportunities in sports like basketball, tennis, cricket, and rugby, accommodating the preferences of a broad audience of sports enthusiasts.

The betting markets available on the old mobile app include the standard win-draw-win options, over/under goals, correct score predictions, and accumulators, among others. Despite its streamlined interface, the app surprisingly offers a respectable variety of betting markets, albeit fewer than its newer counterpart. This limitation is balanced by the app’s simplicity, making it easier for users to find and place their bets without navigating through a complex assortment of options.

Unique to the old mobile app are its live betting features, which, while not as extensive as those on the new version, still provide real-time betting opportunities for a selection of key sporting events. This functionality ensures users are not entirely left out from the excitement of live betting due to their preference for the simpler platform.

Other gaming services, such as virtual sports and lottery, are also accessible, providing a comprehensive betting experience. However, it’s crucial to note that some of the latest gaming innovations and detailed graphical simulations are exclusive to the new app, reflecting BetKing’s efforts to enhance user engagement through technological advancements.

In summary, while the old mobile app presents some limitations in terms of the variety and complexity of available betting options compared to the new version, it remains a competent platform for users who prioritize ease of use and lower data consumption over a wider range of features.

Live Betting Features

The live betting functionality on BetKing’s old mobile app, while pared-down compared to its more sophisticated sibling or competitors, retains its appeal through simplicity and ease of use. Users of the old app can participate in live betting for a select number of popular sports events, primarily focusing on football, basketball, and tennis. The interface for these live events is straightforward, displaying real-time updates such as current scores and gameplay progress, which allows bettors to make informed decisions rapidly.

Comparatively, the live betting features on the new BetKing app and those offered by competitors in Nigeria, such as Nairabet, showcase more advanced capabilities. These include a more extensive range of live events, real-time statistical data, graphical representations of live matches, and a quicker update speed. The new app, for instance, offers an immersive experience with features like instant replays and a live commentary section, elevating the user experience but at the cost of increased data usage and potentially overwhelming new users with its complexity.

In essence, while the old mobile app offers a functional and user-friendly approach to live betting, it is outplayed by the technological advancements and richer feature sets found in the new version of the app and amongst its competitors. Nonetheless, for users looking for quick, easy access to live betting without the bells and whistles, the old app continues to hold significant value.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

For Nigerian users, Betking old mobile app offers several convenient options for making deposits and withdrawals, catering to the preference for secure and accessible financial transactions. Below is a list of payment methods available, along with details on processing times, fees, and transaction limits:

Direct Bank Transfer:

  • Processing Time: Deposits are instant; withdrawals can take 1-2 business days.
  • Fees: No fees for deposits; withdrawal fees vary by bank.
  • Transaction Limits: Minimum deposit of ₦100 and maximum withdrawal of ₦10,000,000.


  • Processing Time: Instant deposits; withdrawals are not available via Quickteller.
  • Fees: A transaction fee of ₦100 for deposits above ₦1,000.
  • Transaction Limits: Minimum deposit of ₦100.


PayCom (Opay):

  • Processing Time: Instant for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Fees: No fees for transactions.
  • Transaction Limits: Minimum deposit of ₦100, maximum withdrawal of ₦500,000 per day.


ATM Deposits:

  • Processing Time: Instant deposits; withdrawals are not supported via ATM.
  • Fees: Varies by ATM and bank.
  • Transaction Limits: Depends on the ATM and bank limits.


Bank Cards (Visa, MasterCard):

  • Processing Time: Instant deposits; withdrawals can take 1-3 business days.
  • Fees: No fees charged by BetKing, but card provider fees may apply.
  • Transaction Limits: Minimum deposit of ₦100, maximum depending on the card provider.

It’s important to note that, while deposits are generally instant, withdrawal times can vary depending on the chosen method and the processing times of the respective banks. Users are advised to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions associated with each payment method to ensure smooth transactions.

Bonuses and Promotions

BetKing’s commitment to rewarding its user base extends to those utilizing the old mobile app, through an assortment of bonuses and promotional offers designed specifically for this audience. Notably, users of the old app can take advantage of exclusive welcome bonuses, cashback offers, and accumulator bonuses that enhance the betting experience without necessitating the use of more data-intensive platforms.

Compared to the new app and desktop platform, the bonuses available on the old mobile app are crafted to cater to users who value simplicity and efficiency. For instance, while the new app might offer larger bonus amounts tied to a series of complex qualifying bets or promotions packed with features that require higher data usage, the old app keeps it straightforward.

Offers accessible through the old app aim to provide immediate value with minimal prerequisites, ensuring users can easily understand and take advantage of them.

This approach underscores BetKing’s understanding of its diverse user base, acknowledging that not all bettors seek the same experience. By maintaining a balance between simplicity and reward, the old mobile app ensures its users are not left behind in the competitive landscape of betting promotions.


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